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Writing a Song a Week: Rules of the Game

Dec 18, 2020

I think it’s a good idea to lay down some basic rules here. What will push me to be better and what will make it easier for me to accomplish this goal? I want a nice balance.

  1. The song must be recorded in some way, but it does not need to be mixed or mastered.
  2. The song should be at least 2 minutes long.
  3. Ideas, chord progressions, melodies, beats, lyrics, etc can be used even if they were written before 2021.
  4. I can write songs with other people.
  5. More than one song can be written in a week.
  6. A song doesn’t need to be written each week exactly, but there must be 52 songs written by December 31, 2021.

Why am I doing this? I wrote about that!

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