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I’m writing one song a week in 2021 and I’m posting all about it here 💿 5/52


Dexed is a wonderful little synth. It’s completely open source and free to download, and is a great tool for digging deep in FM synthesis. I highly recommend trying it out!

Jan 31, 2021

I’m really excited to announce a new project with a long time collaborator and great friend of mine, Eve Maret. We’ve been making music together for about 10 years now! From high school jazz band to an angsty punk rock band to now, our work together has spanned genres and we’ve had a ton of fun doing it.

adriennefranke · Untitled 13 (Demo)

Considering I spent over 10 hours writing, this week was definitely the most challenging so far. I’ve mostly been working through a backlog of songs so I’m not starting from scratch every time. But the main issue this week was that the snippet I had recorded previously was incredibly out of time so I had to re-record a lot of parts to make it all fit together. And it’s still not perfect.

Sometimes during a week, I’ll spend an evening pulling together random ideas for the weeks ahead. It could be a chord progression, it could be a drum beat, it could be a synth line. I’ll start an Ableton or Logic project, get the snippet down and drop it into an “Ideas” folder that I keep. I don’t do much else. I don’t try to figure out where the song will go next or what genre I want it to be.
Stuck (Demo) by Adrienne Franke Week 2 ✅ This is the second song I’ve ever released where I’m singing. Singing is something entirely out of my comfort zone, but it’s also something I’ve been wanting to start doing for a while. Now, I’m making myself do it more. Growth happens outside the comfort zone, right? Find Confidence However You Can Whenever I get anxious or self conscious about singing, I just think of Geddy Lee.
Week 1 is complete! I started the week off by working on a Beatles-inspired song, but mid-week I changed plans and decided to finish a song with a longtime collaborator of mine. We originally wrote this song in October 2017. Over three years ago! We wrote it for a one-off show here in Nashville, and intended to do more but never got around to it. But this week, we wrapped it up!
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