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January 2021

Dec 31, 2020
Here’s how I’m defining the weeks for next year. I decided on this because the weeks start on Mondays and end with a weekend. I’ll have plenty of time to get ideas hashed out during the week and on the weekend, I can spend the days fine tuning and finishing them up. Completing a song will be a great way to end a weekend! I’ll be sure to keep this table up to date with my progress.
I read this book looking for inspiration from one of my favorite bands and their recording engineer, Geoff Emerick. Emerick’s responsible for the cutting edge, fantastic engineering on some of my favorite Beatles records: Revolver, Sgt Pepper, and Abbey Road. I highly recommend the book. It was an insightful page turner. Here are a few snippets that stuck with me as I read. “It was because of those very limitations that we were put on the spot, forced to make creative decisions every step of the way.
I think it’s a good idea to lay down some basic rules here. What will push me to be better and what will make it easier for me to accomplish this goal? I want a nice balance. The song must be recorded in some way, but it does not need to be mixed or mastered. The song should be at least 2 minutes long. Ideas, chord progressions, melodies, beats, lyrics, etc can be used even if they were written before 2021.
“Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while one is working.” ~Henri Matisse I can’t remember where or when I got the idea to write a song a week for an entire year, but it was sometime in November or December of this year. I was just about to finish my 2020 New Year’s Resolution (to read one book a month) and was starting to toss ideas around of what I could do in 2021.
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