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Writing for the Weeks Ahead

Jan 20, 2021

Sometimes during a week, I’ll spend an evening pulling together random ideas for the weeks ahead. It could be a chord progression, it could be a drum beat, it could be a synth line. I’ll start an Ableton or Logic project, get the snippet down and drop it into an “Ideas” folder that I keep. I don’t do much else. I don’t try to figure out where the song will go next or what genre I want it to be. I just get the idea down and leave it for another time. Working in this way also helps break up the week a bit. It’s a different kind of creativity, a different type of songwriting, to just sit down and make music for the hell of it without any obligations of a finished product. It’s low stakes and fun.

Then, whenever I’m sitting down to start a new week, I’ll sift through the folder and find something from there. This helps me get over the weirdness of staring at a blank page and I can dive right in.